Moonlight Sins (de Vincent #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Wooo! What a ride this book was! In the thrilling new series from JLA we are introduced to the de Vincent family, better known as Devil, Demon and Lucifer. Sweet girl Julia is a nurse who specializes in caring for those who need assistance and she takes a job on a whim to escape her status quo life. Thus begins the whirlwind of events that will have Julia questioning herself and her surroundings. Things are certainly not all that they seem to be in the old de Vincent manor! 

I won't lie when reading this book I kept wondering if I was reading too far into things that began occurring around the mansion. I'm not one who is typically jumpy during 'scary' or 'thrilling' scenes but your girl was also loudly telling sweet Julia to stay locked in her room. Especially considering just who inhabits the room across from hers.

This book is filled with plenty of superstitious occurrences and hot as heck men, or devils. Lucian de Vincent is more than just a handsome face with loose morals. He's a talented artist and the most loyal male character I've had the pleasure of reading about in a long time. When things begin not quite adding up at the de Vincent home Julia and Lucifer (sorry, Lucian) find themselves in deeper trouble then ever imagined.

It did take me a bit longer to get into the story then usual but in the end I'm glad I stuck with it and pushed through because the payoff was rewarding. If you're looking for a steamy and slightly (or maybe not?!) paranormal read filled with devilish men look no further!

I received this advanced review copy from the author.

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