Review Policy

Review Policy:

First off, thank you for checking out Book Crook Reviews! 

I would like to make note that this blog has absolutely no monetary gain. All the books featured in this blog were either purchased by me or given to me by an author/publisher.

I am currently open for review requests at this time and you can email me a request to I promise to let you know an estimate of as to how long it will take me to get to the requested book. If I agree to review your book I will not guarantee that the review with be positive. But I can promise that it will be honest and not unkind. I will post my reviews on GoodReads and Amazon along with Barnes & Noble as well. Willing to post elsewhere by request!

My preferences are Young Adult Fiction/Romance, New Adult, Contemporary, Paranormal, Dystopian, Historical Fiction, and Fantasy, along with Adult Romance, Memoir, Poetry I will not be interested in reviewing Erotica, Self-Help, and some Horror

I'm open to most other genres, just shoot me an email :).

Please include in a book request email:

  • Title of book and Author
  • A short synopsis of the book
Thank you all for your patience and I'm looking forwards to receiving your email!

Rating System
one to five stars

Five Stars: An amazing read, the book had great meaning or really drew me in and I couldn't manage to put it down. It's easy to consider these books the ones that impact the most!

Four Stars: Really pulls you in and you finish it, yet some details could've been expanded upon. These books are still amazing and come highly recommended by me.

Three Stars: A tolerable story. It has a lot of faults but is still good for a light, easy read.

Two Stars: Too many loose ends, the author didn't do a good job of really making a good plot and the characters were perhaps dull and uninteresting.

One Star: Lowest rating. The book didn't really 'speak' to me and it was a challenge to get through. These ones I wouldn't recommend to someone as I believe it's a waste of money and time!

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